Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honda Confirms Development of Euro Mugen Civic Type R 240HP, Releases New Details

After weeks of media speculation that arose after the release of a teaser set of photos as well as a promotional video, Honda has finally confirmed the development of a highly-tuned Civic Type R 'MUGEN' concept prototype road car. The key word here is 'concept' as the Japanese automaker noted that "currently there are no plans for a production model" and that at this stage, the hot Civic is "being prepared purely as a prototype model."

MUGEN Honda Civic Type R EuroHowever, judging from our past experience with these kind of press statements from automakers, we'd say that Honda's hot hatch is very, very close to production...

Besides confirming the existence of the car, the Japanese automaker also revealed some juicy new details. First of all, the hardcore three-door hatch is being developed in Japan by MUGEN EURO, the Northampton-based subsidiary of Honda's official tuning arm, and will be brought to the UK for further testing later in the year.

Honda said that the European Civic Type R 'MUGEN' will use the same powertrain as the Civic MUGEN RR saloon launched in Japan in 2007. This translates to a specially modified version of the Type R's 200HP 2.0-liter four banger producing 240-horsepower.

MUGEN Honda Civic Type R EuroThe Japanese firm added that as well as developing the engine, the hardcore Civic Type R MUGEN will benefit from brake system, exhaust and suspension upgrades while externally, the Civic will take on an a more aggressive stance, with a new aerodynamic package that includes a larger rear wing.

"In standard trim, the Civic Type R is a thrilling machine to drive," said Hiro Toyoda, Vice President of MUGEN EURO in a prepared statement. "It is a fantastic base model from which we hope to develop one of the quickest point to point front-wheel-drive road cars in the country."

MUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro MUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro MUGEN Honda Civic Type R EuroMUGEN Honda Civic Type R EuroMUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro

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