Friday, February 18, 2011

BMW to Turbocharge its Entire Lineup of 4-Cylinder Gasoline Engines

Citing inside sources from BMW, British magazine Autocar is reporting that all of the Bavarian automaker's future four-cylinder engines will benefit from turbocharging technology. This includes all four-pots with outputs up to 245 horsepower, with the new straight-six engines taking over from there.

All of BMW's turbocharged four-cylinder engines will be built upon the same 2.0-liter aluminium block, with the difference in performance being made by using two different types of turbochargers and different engine mapping (apparently, BMW learned its lesson well from the VW Group...).

The aluminium block gets a new and very thin cylinder lining of only 0.3 millimeters thanks to the use of sprayed iron technology. That's a massive improvement over the classic 1.5 mm thick cast iron lining and it translates into less weight and more durability.

The most powerful engine, which will be soon available to order in the small X1 SUV under the xDrive28i badging, is a complex unit, having a double-sided twin-scroll turbocharger which works at pressures of up to 200 bar, double-VANOS variable valve timing and direct fuel injection.

Following lower-powered units are expected to get a single conventional turbo instead of the twin-scroll technology. The new turbocharged four-cylinder units will make their debut on the next generation of the 3-Series, expected in 2012.

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