Monday, February 14, 2011

Mitsubishi GalEA Four-Door Sportcoupé Design Concept by Gábor Farkas

In the beginning of the year, we showed you a very production-like concept study for a new generation of the Colt sub-compact called the Concept CS, which was created by Gábor Farkas. The independent designer has now sent us yet another Mitsubishi study, this time for a replacement to the Galant sedan.

The concept is named GalEA and is said to draw its inspiration from the previous, sharper-looking eighth generation Galant of the late 1990s, while sharing similar design cues with the smaller Concept CS. In a 180 degree turn, the designer re-imagined the Galant as a more distinct and aggressive looking four-door coupe model with a long hood, sloping roof, pillarless doors and a stumpy rear end.

Follow the jump to read Gábor's description of the project and to get a closer look at the sporty Mitsubishi saloon in our high-res gallery and CGI videos.

MITSUBISHI GALEA [From Gábor Farkas]

Mitsubishi GalEA is a design study that uses styling elements of the recent Mitsubishi 'jet-fighter' design language. It was born to revive the 1997 Galant EA as a four-door coupé. The EA inspired the 'jet-fighter' design language and now it returns as a four-door sportcoupé.

This time, the design of the car was teased via the Mitsubishi GalEA Facebook page and the final result has been refined at some point according to user-reactions.

At the front you can recognize some details that were borrowed from the Mitsubishi Concept RA but the other parts of the body have an individual new styling with waving lines which have already been introduced on the Mitsubishi Concept CS.

The wheelbase and the proportions of the body also hint at a front engine with rear wheel drive layout. In the inside you can see premium materials and four individual seats. The dashboard has clear and elegant styling.

About the name: it refers to the Galant EA but also has another meaning. A galea was a Roman soldier's helmet. Some gladiators also wore a bronze galea with a face mask and a decoration, often a fish on its crest.

Main dimensions

length: 4745 mm (186.8 in)
width: 1948 mm (79.7 in)
height: 1343 mm (52.9 in)

front track: 1722 mm (67.8 in)
rear track: 1706 mm (67.2 in)
wheelbase: 3070 mm (120.9 in)
length/wheelbase ration: 1.55
wheels: 205/40 R 18

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