Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rinspeed gets Real with its BamBoo EV Study, Could Enter Production

Rinspeed, the Swiss design house that dares to be different, has released real-life photos and additional information on its 2011 Geneva Salon-bound BamBoo, a concept study for a pure-electric beach cart. The latest creation from Rinspeed was jointly developed and built with Swiss engineering firms 4erC and Esoro, and features several innovations.

These include the canopy-like inflatable roof tent, which is covered on the outside with a water-resistant coating while the inner side is made from bamboo threads, and can be used as a beach mattress. In addition, both rear seats are inflatable and stored in two aluminum cases on the open cargo bed, and – they too can be taken to the beach.

Another notable feature is the dashboard that is said to open "in breadbox fashion" revealing the control elements and the futuristic VDO display on the driver side, and a glove box that houses a seven-inch HTC tablet PC “Flyer” with docking station on the passenger side.

The funky four-seater with the composite body made out of polymer plastic materials is powered by an electric motor from the German Fräger Group (German e-Cars) that delivers 54 kW / 72HP and accelerates the 1,090-kilogram (2,403 lbs) vehicle to a top speed of 120 km/h or 75 mph. The battery’s capacity is good enough for a maximum driving range of 105 km or 65 miles. The BamBoo rides on 17-inch AEZ three-spoke billet aluminum wheels wrapped around Goodyear “EfficientGrip” energy-saving tires.

Rinspeed's boss Frank M. Rinderknecht claims that the BamBoo is more than a simple concept study as the company is already thinking about series production."Yes, there have been constructive talks for some time with a number of potential manufacturers,” Rinderknecht stated adding that Düsseldorf consulting firm A.T. Kearney already has manufacturing and company concepts for a series production in the drawer.

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