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2011 Honda Vfr 1000cc - 1200cc V4 Engine Specs features and details

Here we comprise 2011 Honda Vfr specifications,2011 Honda Vfr reviews and 2011 Honda Vfr Features here.Here we give a complete and detailed overview of 2011 Honda Vfr.TOP SPEED grant High resolution wallpapers of the 2011 Honda Vfr.Addition of extra segmets of 2011 Honda Vfr can very the Price,that we given .

2011 Honda Vfr Overviews
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The new V4 will feature an incredibly compact front cylinder head design, with just one camshaft operating all eight valves in that head, while the rear cylinder head is a tech-fest incorporating the company's latest variable-cylinder and variable valve technology. It all comes in the desire to cut precious milimeters from the engine's length and height to create a tightly packaged machine.
The Honda VFR 1200 is said to feature a 1200-cc engine with selectable cylinder deactivation system. This feature will reduce fuel consumption by halting fuel supply to specific cylinders under low load conditions, such as when running at a constant speed on a highway.

Usually the front and rear banks of a V4 engine are mirror images of one another - a design that simplifies production and saves cost. But Honda is renowned for bucking the convention and the new V4 is no exception. The bike uses a completely different design for each cylinder head.The front head follows the design cues of Honda's CRF450 motocross bike, which saves weight and size on it's four valve single cylinder engine by using a single camshaft with three lobes to operate all four valves, marketed under Hondas Unicam trademark. The two outer lobes individually act on the intake valves, with the central lobe moving the exhaust valves via a Y-shaped rocker arm. The new V4 does exactly the same thing inside its front cylinder head, but with two cylinders, eight valves and a six lobe camshaft.

2011 Honda Vfr 1000cc - 1200cc V4 Engine Specs

Engine type: 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, 76° V4
Displacement: 1237 cc (75.58 cubic inches)
Bore × stroke: 81 mm × 60 mm (oversquare - shortstroke)
Cooling system: Water cooled
Throttle: Cable operated
Valve train: SOHC, variable
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel and ignition
Sparks per cylinder: 1
Fuel supply system: Fuel injection
Ignition type: Digital CDI
Funnel diameter: 44 mm
Compression: 12:1
Engine mounting: Transverse
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Gear box: Manual 6-speed
Clutch: Wet, multiple discs, cable operated
Final drive: Shaft
Motor oil: Synthetic, 10W60
Starter: Electric
Wheel base: 1545 mm
Trail: 101 mm
Seat height: 815 mm
Curb weight: 268 kg
Chassis and suspension
Frame type: aluminium, Trellis frame
Suspension: Cartridge - upside-down
Suspension travel: 119 mm
Fork angle: 25°
Brake: Twin Disk, Ø320 mm
Tire: 120 / 70 R17 ZR
Suspension: mono shock, Mono arm
Suspension travel: 130 mm
Brake: Disk, Ø276 mm
Tire: 190 / 50 R17 ZR
ABS available: No
Fuel capacity: 18.5 l
Number of riders: 2 persons

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