Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Jaguar XJ: No More Teasers, First Official Photos Break Cover on the Web!

So much for Jaguar's 'Grand Plan' to reveal the 2010 XJ at London tomorrow. A wallpaper website -we're not even kidding - just published the first official pictures of the British firm's all-new luxury sedan. Cutting to the chase, we'd like to see the new Jag up close before making any assessments, but our first take is that it is going to take some time getting used to the saloon's revolutionary styling that breaks from the traditional XJ mold.

While the sedan's front-end design is an evolution of the XF's fascia -no surprise there, the rest of the car and especially the fastback-like rear-end with the unconventional wraparound windshield that covers the rear pillars and the Quattroporte-esque tail lamps are something entirely new and a great departure from the current XJ's classic, but definitely outdated, lines.

We're still short on details, but the British automaker has disclosed that the new XJ will be the first car to feature the next-generation of Jaguar's aerospace-inspired aluminium body architecture and that it will be powered by a choice of V6 diesel and V8 gasoline engines including the XFR's 510HP supercharged V8.

The XJ will be available for order from the end of this week, with first customer deliveries expected towards the end of the year.

Via: Netcarshow -

UPDATE 1 - Photos Removed Upon Jaguar's Request

UPDATE 2 - Not that you can't see the new XJ on numerous other sites and forums around the web, but just to get an idea of what you missed out, here's how we remember the Jaguarporte's buttocks: (PS; Don't take our humoristic chop seriously...)

UPDATE 3 - We're "honored" that Jaguar sent us a letter from their solicitor threatening to take legal actions, but completely confused to as why they allow Car and Driver for example to Publish the photos - unless that is, they check us out first or believe we have more money :-)

UPDATE 4 - Jaguar allows Edmunds to post this photo - talk about double standards

UPDATE 5 - I think we've made our point

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