Sunday, May 8, 2011

2011 U.S.-spec Chevrolet Cruze

After the initial 2,100 inspections triggered by a detached steering wheel, General Motors announced a new recall involving 154,112 units of the 2011 model year Cruze - pretty much all models built for North America since production started in summer 2010.

The reason for this action is related to a steering issue as well, with GM saying it wants to check that the steering shaft was properly installed. The company didn't say whether or not the two recalls are related, but added it will use the latest one action to check on another issue that might affect some 120,000 models with automatic transmission. In this case, GM wants to verify whether the transmission shift linkage was properly installed.

GM stressed in a statement that “very few” of the recalled models should have both problems and that it has already made quality process changes to make sure neither error occurs again. According to a GM spokesman, the steering shaft issue was discovered when a customer lost steering control in a parking lot, without being involved in any type of accident. As for the automatic transmission problem, the carmaker says it was discovered when customers brought in their cars under warranty.

The company added that no accidents or injuries related to the Cruze recall have been reported. Built in Lordstown, Ohio for the U.S. and Canadian markets, the compact sedan was GM's second best selling vehicle in April.

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