Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opel Corsa OPC 2010 specifications and features with price details

Opel Corsa OPC 2010 specifications,Opel Corsa OPC 2010 reviews and Opel Corsa OPC 2010 Features are include here by Top Speed.Here we give a full and detailed structure of the Opel Corsa OPC 2010.TOP SPEED provide High resolution wallpapers of the Opel Corsa OPC 2010.Addition of extra features of Vehicle can very the Price given .

Opel Corsa OPC 2010 wallpapers-stills-images and pictures

Opel Corsa OPC 2010 is a car power or control active muscular request which is currently subject to speed to burn with fuel consuming abstract along the 7.6 per cent and CO2 emissions was brought down over 9.5 percent.

2010 Opel Corsa OPC new range of power plants will contain two gasoline engines: a 1.2 Liter and 1.4 Liter Twinport variants as well as two disparate diesel options: a 1.7 CDTI and 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX with fuel consuming ranging between 5.0 and 5.5 liter/100 km, about 50 MPG, with a maximum CO2 emissions of only 129 g/km, a number that is extremely low.three cylinder option with 65 hp, and topping off the fuel models with the 1.6-litre Corsa OPC with 192 hp. Diesel options available include the 1.3 and 1.7-litre CDTI engines with yield from 75 hp to 130 hp. There is also an ecoFLEX 1.3 CDTI with low CO2 emissions of 98 g/km for the three-door version, or 99 g/km for the five-door.

Maximum torque of 230 Nm is produced from 1,980 rpm all the way to 5,850 rpm, and it is impermanently raised even higher, to 266 Nm, by an automatic overboost function. Such pulling power convey with ease performance. The transition from 80 to 120 km/h in fifth gear, for example, takes just 6.7 seconds. Top speed is 225 km/h and a six-speed gearbox comes as standard.

The big 16-inch brake system, with blue brake calipers, includes on the inside ventilated 308 mm disk brakes up front and 264 mm solid discs at the rear. The 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/45 R17 tires come as standard and 18-inch rims with 225 tires are optional.

2010 Opel Corsa OPC price details
  • Opel Corsa Club 3-door 1.0: 11.300 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 3-door 1.2 80 CV GPL-Tech: 13.800 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 3-door 1.2 85 CV: 11.800 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 3-door 1.3 CDTI ecoFlex 75 CV: 13.200 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 5-door 1.0: 11.950 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 5-door 1.2 80 CV GPL-Tech: 14.450 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 5-door 1.2 85 CV: 12.450 euro
  • Opel Corsa Club 5-door 1.3 CDTI ecoFlex 75 CV: 13.850 euro

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