Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Agnelli Grandson's Haute Couture Ferrari 599 GTB Blue-Jean Edition

When you're an heir to the Agnelli and Fiat fortune, you can have whatever car you want customized to your own personal - even bizarre- tastes. Take for example this Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano that is said to be owned by Lapo Elkann, the son of Alain Elkann, the writer, and Gianni Agnelli's daughter Margherita. The one-off Ferrari features a special two-tone matte paint job as well as a unique interior trim.

But while we can overlook the 599's unique paint scheme that combines a flat aqua color for the body with a flat dark blue finish for the rooftop, exterior mirrors, alloy wheels and the rear apron - diffuser, there's something definitely wrong with the interior. It's one thing seeing a blue-jean denim upholstery in a Fiat Panda and another in a high-performance and exclusive supercar like the 599.

Lapo, besides being uber-wealthy and constantly featured in gossip columns for his playboy lifestyle, also made world headlines in 2005 after a drug overdose with some middle-aged cross-dressers in a Turin apartment.

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