Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BMW X1 Priced 7 to 11 Percent Lower than X3 and Relatively Close to VW Tiguan in Germany

As well as publishing the official photos and specs of the X1, BMW has also confirmed pricing on its new compact SUV for many European markets. In Germany, the entry-level, rear-wheel drive X1 sDrive18i petrol model will go on sale in Europe from the beginning of 2010 with a starting price of €27,200. The range topping, all-wheel drive xDrive28i with its 258HP straight six gasoline engine is priced from €41,500 or 7.3 percent (€3,400) less than the 272HP X3 xDrive30i.

Since the X3 is not offered with the option of rear wheel drive, we can only compare the xDrive variants of the two vehicles. Both the xDrive18d and 20d are priced around 10 percent lower than the respective X3 models.

But how does the X1 compare price-wise with other compact SUVs in Germany? As we said before, the base X1 RWD sDrive18i, which should logically come with a 143HP 2.0-liter petrol, costs €27,200.

In comparison, the entry-level, front-wheel drive VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI 140HP is priced at €26,050 while the basic Toyota RAV4 that is moved by a 2.0-liter with 158HP, costs €23,200.

The base all-wheel drive diesel version of the X1, the 143HP xDrive18d that should be one of most popular versions in Europe, begins from €31,550. That's compared to the VW Tiguan 140HP TDI 4Motion's starting price of €29,600 and the Toyota RAV4 150HP 2.2-liter D-4D's €27,300.

Price Comparison X1 vs X3 in Germany

BMW X1 sDrive18i €27,200 -

BMW X1 sDrive18d €29,550 -

BMW X1 xDrive18d €31,550 - BMW X3 xDrive18d €35,550 (+ €4,000)

BMW X1 sDrive20d €32,400 -

BMW X1 xDrive20d €34,400 - BMW X3 xDrive20d €38,300 (+ €3,900)

BMW X1 xDrive23d €38,800 -

BMW X1 xDrive28i 258HP €41,500 - BMW X3 xDrive30i 272HP €44,900 (+ €3,400)

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