Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car Magazine Bags 2010 Grand Bentley in the Flesh

For a moment there I had a 'grand' flashback that took me back to my junior years and my neighbor's "swanky" 1970s Ford LTD - that's the Australian market model which you can check out after the jump. In all fairness, I must say that Ford's Aussie limo shamelessly aped traditional Rolls Royce and Bentley styling cues. But anyway, back to today, the crew over at UK's Car Magazine somehow managed to photograph the Arnage's successor, currently referred to as the 'Grand Bentley', in production guise at Bentley's Crewe headquarters.

The photos reveal that the new Arnage (Bentley has yet to reveal the official name) will have a 'grand' front end dominated by a massive grille that's flanked by a pair of headlamps that are surrounded by small LEDs. There's also a cryptic photo of the rear end that suggests a more curvy design for the Grand Bentley's arse.

The VW Group owned automaker has not released any information on its Rolls Royce Phantom challenger, but it is said that the British firm's flagship limo will use a modified version of the Audi A8's spaceframe chassis as well as new range of engines that might include a Flex-Fuel variant capable of running on either petrol or E85 biofuel or any combination of the two.

The Arnage's successor is expected to be officially revealed later in the summer.

Via: Car

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