Thursday, February 17, 2011

Savage Rivale’s Roadyacht GTS gets a Racing Variant

Back in 2009 at the Top Marques Monaco Show, Dutch automaker Savage Rivale blew the lid off the
Roadyacht GTS, an eccentric four-door, coupe-convertible supercar. While interesting enough to be worth a second look, one could’ve argued on the chances of the Corvette-based vehicle to become a hit. Still, it seems that it was successful enough to prompt the development of a racing version, aptly called the GTR.

The company says the competition model will have a limited run of 69 units and will make use of the same Corvette underpinnings as the civilian version. However, the road-going model's older LS7 V8 is ditched in favor of the more modern LS9 variant. It also loses 2 doors in the process of becoming a truly hardcore racecar.

The 6.2-liter powerplant is said to deliver around 700HP and is strapped to a steel tubular space frame chassis that tips the scales at just 115 kg or 254 lbs and is complemented by a flat underbody with “suction deck” for improved stability and car control.

Inside, the GTR offers only the bare essentials in the form of a seat, steering wheel and typical racing safety features, but customers can also ask for additional seating for a “multi-person experience”.

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