Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Citroen C5 with 204 bhp

The 2011 Citroen C5 introduces a new 1.6HDi 110hp Euro 5 engine which will replace the Euro 4 version. The 2011 Citroen C5 facelift will also offer the choice of the 1.6i THP 155hp petrol engine with VTR+ NAV trim and the 3.0HDi V6 240hp engine in the Auto Exclusive.

Citroen C5 HDi DPF 200 develops 150 kW EEC 204 bh at 3500 rpm and maximum torque of 450 Nm at 2000 rpm. Combined with a 6-speed gear system that changes gears automatically, the engine provides outstanding performance, top speed 230 kmh 225 kmh Tourer, 0-100 km per h in 8.3 seconds 8.6 and a combined cycle consumption of 5.9 l per 100 km 6.1 . Sedan emissions of 155 g and km of CO2 and Tourer 159 g , km. Like the Citroen C5 HDi DPF 240, the updated version is distinguished visually polished chrome double exhaust emissions.

Citroen will also equip the C5 with a new-generation 2.2-litre HDi engine the first model to make use of the engine. The Citroen C5 HDi 200 DPFS outputs 150kW at 3,500 rpm and 450Nm from 2,000 rpm.The 2011 Citroen C5 will go on sale in Europe regarding the end of this year.

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