Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mercedes Benz CLS 2009 Class Pictures

Mercedes Benz CLS 2009 Class Pictures

When it comes to shaking up the luxury car world, no amount of power, technological sophistication or supple leather in the cabin can top an alluring design. More stunning in person than even the most flattering photography might suggest, the coupelike Mercedes CLS-Class has a visual presence that few other luxury sedans can match. And that is something that's not likely to change for some time to come.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class offers a level of athleticism and sumptuousness that in the past has been difficult to find in one car. Although it makes use of a number of unique pieces throughout, a lot of the underlying structure and hardware comes from the well-regarded E-Class. The engines in the CLS550 and CLS63 AMG, for example, are shared with its brethren and are connected to Mercedes' excellent seven-speed automatic transmission with manual-shift capability.

While its rakish visage does wonders for the CLS' image, it also reduces interior dimensions in several key areas. Up front, the effects are minimal as the CLS feels every bit as accommodating as Mercedes' full-size luxury flagship. But in back, its dimensions are tighter in nearly every direction when compared to more mainstream sedans. Additionally, the small rear windows can make occupants feel closed in.

But these are pretty minor complaints. The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class isn't really a case of form over function; rather, it's a rare combination of the two that makes them satisfyingly complementary. For the luxury car buyer who desires distinctive styling, strong performance and a sumptuous interior, the CLS is easy to recommend.

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