Thursday, February 3, 2011

2012 Ford Focus specifications features with price details

Ford has launched their new 2012 Ford Focus.New model of Ford include some advanced features and technologies.Ford relieved full specifications of 2012 Ford Focus and that contains 2012 Ford Focus features and 2012 Ford Focus overviews.You will have to get a full and detailed structure of 2012 Ford Focus from here.

Some rare and high quality wallpapers of the 2012 Ford Focus has been included here.2012 Ford Focus price may be very with Addition of extra segments.
2012 Ford Focus Specifications and Features
2012 Ford Focus pictures,Photos and images

  • A 2-liter
  • four-cylinder
  • direct fuel-injected aluminum engine gives the Focus 160 horsepower.
  • A PZEV
  • Partially Zero-Emission Vehicle
  • engine will be available in some states
  • complete specifications are not available for that engine, though its displacement, or size, is identical to the standard Focus engine.
  • five door form
  • the sportier look
  • the seats have been lowered
  • In fact the US version of the car is 0.5 inch lower and 3.0 inches longer and it also has a 1.3 inch longer wheel base.
  • The new boy of the car is made up of steel which covers 55% of the car’s boy.
  • The engine of the car is 2.0 liter, along with four cylinders.
  • The intake capacity is variable, along with the exhaust valve timing.
  • This model will be available on sale with the two types of transmission system, that of base, which is six speed manual and the other is the fancy one with six speed dual clutch gearbox.
  • The other features of the Ford Focus includes rear view camera, keyless ignition, blind spot warning system and many other such hi-tech features.
  • 2012 Ford Focus sedan measures 178.5 inches long, 71.8 inches wide
  • mirrors extended and 57.7 inches high
  • The five-door hatchback is slightly shorter, at 171.6 inches, but the other external measurements are identical.
  • Both models share a wheelbase of 104.3 inches.
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