Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gold Trimmed 1987 Ferrari Testarossa Begs One Question: Why?

Found for sale on eBay, is this specially customized 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, which has been...cheesed up with gold platted accents. The precious material covers the five-spoke alloy wheels, logos, side air vents, front grille, rear vents and the rear column surrounds.

Surprisingly, the owner claims that the Italian supercar has clocked a mere 3,000 miles or about 4,800 kilometers on the odo in the past 23 years, all of which he says were made "behind guarded gates in our community". Unless the community has a private race track, we can't really think of a worst fate for a Prancing Horse model... The asking price for the kitschy Testarossa is $90,000. Scroll down for more photos and the seller's entertaining description.

eBay Seller's Description:

This is my father's pride and joy, a real customized treasure from the 1980's. We're attempting to see what kinds of offers people may have for us as we're attempting to simplify our lives in the current economy, please submit your offer. As you can see, this is a one of a kind Testarossa, you won't find another like it, it's unique to itself. It's only been driven behind guarded gates in our community. The car is in excellent condition. It's just recently had a 'facelift' (normal maintenance and parts replacement) at our local Ferrari dealership since it doesn't get driven but maybe on the weekends around the block, and my father likes to keep it looking brand new. We have all records, maintenance and otherwise for the car. The car's accent pieces and wheels have been dipped in real 18 or 24 carat (I cannot remember?) gold plating. See additional details regarding the car below.


1987 FERRARI TESTAROSSA, 1987 Ferrari Testarossa. Gold dipped wheels, gold accents: side fins, hood, grill, engine carriage, rear prancing horse, engine hood, Immaculate vehicle with 3000 miles. Non-smoker, glossy original paint, no accidents, good overall interior condition, headliner ok, trunk and carpets ok, no dash cracks, Custom exhaust. The cars entire life was spent in Southern California. This is a one-owner car. Therefore, all records are available, all Ferrari Owners Manuals and leather case, Ferrari factory service manual, Ferrari factory parts manual, factory tool kit including the spline lug removal tool, ect. Custom security alarm.

Source: eBay via VWVortex

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