Friday, February 11, 2011

Lexus LFA Nürburgring to get its First Public Outing in Geneva

Nearly 3 months after the start of production of the standard LFA, Lexus will debut the more track-focused Nürburgring Edition at the Geneva Motor Show in March. While we've known about the bespoke version of the LFA since May, 2010, according to the Japanese automaker, this is the first time that the supercar will be shown in public.

Available as a special package on the options list, Lexus will build a maximum of 50 Nürburgring Editions out of a total of 500 LFAs. The limited production model gets additional aerodynamic features and technical revisions to improve handling and downforce, increases the V10 engine output by 10bhp to 562bhp and speeds up gear shifts in the six-speed sequential transmission.

In the United States, the Nürburgring package is priced at $70,000 while a Matte black finish carries an additional cost of $20,000. The MSRP of the standard LFA is $375,000.

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