Monday, February 14, 2011

New Lancia Grand Voyager Minivan is a Rebadged Chrysler, and Yes, this Picture Too Appears to be a Chop

The third Chrysler model to wear a Lancia badge is the Town & Country minivan, which replaces the Phedra and will premiere alongside the Thema and the Flavia concepts at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Fiat Group decided to keep the European market name of the Town & Country, calling it the Lancia Grand Voyager.

The Italian firm's American people carrier measures a hefty 5.14 metres in length, 1.99 metres in width and 1.72 metres tall, and rides on a 3.1 meter-long wheelbase. When European sales start later this year, it will be available in three trim levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and and two engine options, the Euro 5-compliant 283 HP 3.6-liter V6 petrol unit and the more appropriate for European consumers, 2.8-liter CRD diesel with particulate filter as standard delivering 163 HP and 360Nm.

Lancia says the petrol model returns an average fuel consumption of 12.3 lt/100km (19.1 mpg US), while the diesel version, 8.4 lt/100km (28 mpg US) with CO2 emissions of 227 g/km.

On a side note, as is the case with the Lancia Flavia Convertible image, the solitary official photo of the Grand Voyager also appears to be a doctored picture of the Chrysler Town & Country, which can be proved -among other things- by the identical reflections on the chrome trim on the profile and the door handles, the position of the wheels, and the apparently fake logos on the alloys.

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