Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geneva 2011: De Tomaso Deauville Sincerely Flatters BMW's 5 GT [with Video]

De Tomaso's return in Geneva makes me ask two questions: 1) Why do companies think cars like this, the recent Lagonda, and Spyker D12 are necessary?, and 2) Who's buying them? According to the Italian company, they've already got a 1,500 unit backlog.

The production ready Deauville concept (previously known by its SLC and later SLS codenames), revives the name De Tomaso placed on its 1970's attempt at a luxury sedan; sadly, instead of an attractive Ghia saloon, this time around the Italian marque decided to emulate BMW's GT and create a Pininfarina-penned crossover.

Inside is a different story; the plush, handcrafted interior is bathed in leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber, although I'd like to see what Infiniti's silver flake wood might look like in there.

Once known for cars like the Pantera and Mangusta, it appears that all originality and verve have been sucked from the brand in an attempt to go Teutonic with this humpbacked tourer.

The four-door, 4WD Deauville "sport luxury sedan" will reportedly be available with a turbocharged V6 (300 horsepower), a diesel V6 (250 horsepower) or a V8 (550 horsepower), all imported from "Detroit's Powertrain Integration". Expect more info when deliveries start in September.

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